Meskel Flower Hotel
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Hungry Yet?

Chicken Cream Soup
Mushroom Cream Soup
Vegetable Soup
Garden Salad
Chicken Salad
Tuna Salad

Main Dishes:
Roasted Chicken
(Oven roasted chicken served with sauce, rice and seasonal vegetables)

Grilled Chicken
(Grilled chicken breast served with sour cream sauce, rice and seasonal vegetables)

Roasted Beef with Brown Sauce
(Oven roasted sliced beef served with brown sauce, rice and seasonal vegetables)

Grilled Pepper Steak
(Marinated grilled steam served with pepper sauce, vegetables and mashed potatoes)

Grilled Steak with Mushroom Sauce
(Grilled beef fillet steak served with mushroom sauce, rice and seasonal vegetables)

Marinated Beef Shish Kebabs
(Marinated grilled cubed beet, tomato, onion and green peper pn skewers served on a bed of rice)

Grilled Tilapia with Garlic and Onion Sauce
(Marinated and grilled tilapia fish served with garlic and onion sauce, rice and seasonal vegetables)

Fish Goulash
(Cube cut and deep fried tilapia with tomato sauce and green pepper served with rice)

Chicken Cotelette
Beef Cotelette
Fish Cotelette
Beef CoteletteFish Cotelette

Pasta Al Furno

A Choice of Spaghetti, Macaroni or Rice with:

Bologna Sauce
Vegetable Sauce
Tomato Sauce
Arabiata Sauce (Spicy/Hot)
Tuna Sauce

Stir Fry Rice Dishes:

Beef Stir -Fry
(Julienne style cute beet, carrot, onion, green pepper and zuccuni served with rice)

Chicken Stir- Fry
(Chicken, carrot, cabbage, onion and green pepper served with rice)

Fish Stir- Fry
(Tilapia fish, carrot, tomato, onion, and green pepper served with rice)

Ethiopian Dishes:

Fillet Tibes (Chikena Tibes)
Yebeg Tibes
Tibes Firfir
Tibes Firfir with Boiled Egg
Tibes Wet
Tibes Wet with Boiled Egg
Bozena Shiro
Fasting Firfir
Fasting Beyayenetu
Fasting Beyayenetu with Fish Fillet


(All Burgers and Sandwiches are served with French Fries)

Cheese Burger
Steak Burger
Chicken Burger
Club Sandwich
Fish Sandwich
Tuna Sandwich
French Fries
Potato Fries
(Sliced potatoes fried and topped with grilled onion)


Fruit Salad
Your Choice of Cake
(Black Forest, White Forest, Tiramisu, Mille-Feuille,
Black & White, Sacher, American Cheese Cake, Baklava)

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